19th Century French Iron, Brass & Wood Veneer Bed

My biggest vintage purchase yet, this one is courtesy of ebay and was shipped over from the continent at the weekend! Cast iron French beds have been fashionable for years, so I was originally looking for something a little different – an Art Deco bed that was completely wood veneer to be precise. But with the best examples of these beds well out of my price range, this late 19th Century French bed is a happy compromise, stylishly combining the best of both worlds!

I love the cute little iron castors: luckily they’re old and rusty enough to ensure that any lively night-time activity isn’t going to propel the bed across the floorboards. It’s only a small double, but I’ll happily squeeze myself in at night if it means I awake in the morning feeling tres chic.

Found on: ebay (courtesy of Louis XV Antiques)
Usability factor: 5/5
Accessorise with: Anything that brings it into the 21st Century, such as sultry black bed linen (I’ll shamelessly admit that mine is by Kylie Minogue), an artfully draped Peter Alexander Vintage Rose Gown, and the soon-to-be-single Brad Pitt perhaps?

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