1940s Snakeskin wrist purse

This sweet and sassy little purse was another Vintage Acquistion from France. It’s so tiny that it holds only my lipgloss, keys, trusty ventolin inhaler, and oyster card…but that’s all a(n asthmatic) girl needs for a night out in London!

In this instance, I collected my French VA in person – bracing myself against the heaving hordes during Lille’s annual La Grande Braderie . If you love junk, this 48 hour event in September should be diarised in your blackberry, with your hotel already booked if you want to attend in ’09. The French go crazy, taking over kilometres of city streets to lay out granny’s old tea set alongside scratched vinyl records. The rest of Europe go even crazier, with 2 million people descending on the tiny city to snap up a bargain and outdo each other in the quest to set a record for moules frites consumption. I eurostared it over with nothing more than a change of underwear and a canvas shopping trolley, and filled it to the brim.

Found at: La Grande Braderie, Lille, France
Usability Factor: 5/5
Accessorise with: A floaty amoosi dress made with reclaimed fabric, a 1940s manicure, and a vintage dance card to keep track of all those boys lining up to twirl you round the dancefloor.


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