1940s Velvet Wiggle Skirt

I wore this lushly printed, velvet vintage skirt to a cheeky lingerie/sex shop salon event last night. The gals from Lipstick and Curls, Natasha and Amanda, stepped straight out of a 1950s advertisement for (saucy) kitchen products, replete in matching red gingham aprons, and gave tips for crafting pin-up worthy curls, painting sultry winged eyes, and hunting down the perfect siren-red lipstick: and it will be a hunt, ladies … the best reds are elusive, hiding online or in the States.

The surroundings of Bordello were perfect for an evening of vintage glamour. The window of the shop is dominated by an imposing French iron bed (similar to my own!), and lacy undergarments are strewn throughout the shop, intermingled with delicate hand-painted crockery, ’40s and ’50s hats and assorted naughty goodies.I left feeling light-headed, although that could have been the result of a number of factors: the generously flowing champagne; the tightness of my vintage skirt (motto: life is too short to wear comfortable clothing); the fantasy playing over in my head about how marvellous I would look at my next lindy hop class; or the excessive amounts of hairspray Natasha lavished on our lungs.

Skirt found at: Charity shop in Willesden Green
Usability Factor: 5/5 (if you’re prepared to be short of breath all night or lose 2kg)
Accessorise with: Vintage lipstick holder, Art Deco haircomb, and a ‘do by the girls at Lipstick and Curls of course (they’re available for private appointments).

Quirky fact: Natasha is an amazing dancer – Lindy Hop, Balboa, etc – and runs classes at her Quick! Quick! Club near Leicester Square.

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