1950s Apricot Prom Dress

I wafted into dinner at chef Nuno Mendes’ home in this beautiful apricot prom confection on the weekend.Nuno is trialling menus for his new Bethnal Green restaurant which is due to open later this year – for now, guests can sample a taster menu of about 15 courses, all of which Nuno prepares in front of you in his open-plan converted warehouse.

This dress is magical. With its contrasting sturdy/floaty fabrics it almost shouldn’t work, yet somehow does. I love the thick linen bodice and the dainty hand-stitched beads which adorn it. The peachy, soft silk skirt which swirls out from pleats at the waist almost catches me by surprise every time I move.

It’s an incredibly feminine dress; the fragile silk and delicate beading require one to move about with grace and poise, lest any part of it catch on something and crumble!
Found at: Blackout II, Endell Street Covent Garden, London.
Price: £50.00
Usability Factor: 2/5 (alas, it is now too fragile for frequent wear)
Accessorise with: Seamed 40s stockings and little red pumps.

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