Vintage China Bouquet Brooches/Pins

Feeling guilty about buying fresh flowers (unsustainable growing practices / low wages for workers / use of pesticides)?

Fret no more! Ease your conscience by raiding the dusty shelves of your local charity shop for these bright little bouquets that bloom all year round. Delicately crafted in china, hand-painted and glazed, I’ve found pieces from Coalport, Crown and Aynsley in abundance, from as little as £1.00.

Try Etsy if you want to pin one to your lapel quick smart, and don’t mind paying over-the-odds.

Found at: Save the Children, Shrewsbury & a charity shop in Crouch End.
Price: £1.00 – £5.00 each
Usability Factor: 5/5
Accessorise with: A vintage silk scarf and bright cherry lips from Lauren Luke’s ‘My Fierce Violets’ palette.

One Response to “Vintage China Bouquet Brooches/Pins”
  1. Gorgeous! I want! Looking for exotic pins for my little french maids aprons for my FOH

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