1940s ‘Roxanne’ Starlet Swimsuit

While England’s autumnal weather sent you scurrying for your hats and jackets, I was lounging by a pool on the other side of the world, in Far North Queensland, Australia! The sunny climate provided the perfect excuse to parade about in this gorgeous 1940s swimsuit.

I’m not quite sure that I successfully channelled the 1940s starlet, but wearing this swimsuit was a revelation: I suddenly had a waist! a bust! a flat stomach! Modern swimsuit manufacturers are doing us a disservice by skimping on fabric and using unforgiving, unflattering lycra. This swimsuit is made from a heavy, thick blend of acetate and cotton. Diagonal panels of fabric radiate from one side of the waist, and a cute ‘modesty panel’ skims down the hips and across the top of the thighs. Boobs are kept perky with boning and shelf support in the bust area.
I’ll confess that it didn’t feel quite so comfortable to wear when it got wet. The fabric became waterlogged and the swimsuit felt like it was sagging – although a surreptitious glance at my reflection confirmed it still clung in all the right places.
Found at: Blackout II, Endell Street, Covent Garden
Price: £50.00
Usability Factor: 5/5
Accessorise with: 1940s sunglasses.
In the interests of documenting vintage swimsuits (and confirming my history as a swimsuit model), here’s two ‘vintage’ swimsuits from 1986, and 1991.

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