1980s Preppy Wool Blazer

How very learned I feel wearing this blazer!  So learned in fact, that when I was asked to be photographed for the Time’s feature on the London trend for ‘brainy chic’, this item immediately sprung to mind.

With its blue and navy check and little breast pocket, I feel like the private school girl I never was but secretly longed to be, if only for those prim pleated tweed skirts and chunky brown lace-ups.

The jaunty sling of the jacket over my shoulder does not show it to best effect but my arm was in a cast on this day (note the puffy face from the painkillers!) and we did our best to disguise it with a pile of philosophy books on my lap.  Scatter a few more books on the floor, add one 1950s school chair, and the result is pure geek chic.

Found at: Crouch End charity shop
Price: £10.00
Wearability Factor: 5/5
Accessorise with: aforementioned philosophy books, old school chair, modern drainpipe trousers for a fresh look.

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