I been thinking ’bout you … HOPE

“Cynics object to treating hope as a virtue because it rarely bears fruit.  But that, say hope’s defenders, is to see things upside down.  Hope is a virtue independently of its realisations, it is an intrinsic value, an end in itself, allied to courage and imagination, a positive attitude full of possibility and aspiration.”

A.C.Grayling The Meaning of Things 2001

I needed a big dose of hope when I had a broken wing recently (as my friend K so charmingly described it).  I sustained myself by imagining all the marvellous things I’d do when the cast came off, and I spoke to friends who rallied my spirits by reminding me it was only six weeks of suffering.  Now that I’ve been patched up, my world is the right way up again; but I’m filing those hopeful wishes away for the next time I feel vulnerable.  

Here’s what my hope is looking like… (hover over photos for sources)

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