Vintage at Goodwood

Ohhh, what a fabulous Sunday at the Vintage at Goodwood festival!

I channelled the 1940s and my friend Deb went for 1960s – and it felt like we were being photographed all day long!  The shoes (Kate Kuba), hat (Gap, but found in Cancer Research Crouch End for £3.00)) and cardi (charity shop £5.00) are modern, but the dress comes from Blackout II in Covent Garden, and the fabulous bag is something I picked up in Chiswick last week, at Cancer Research’s vintage store (£35.00).  The outfit caught the eye of Grazia’s stylehunter, and I got to parade about at the end of the day with 20 women, stunningly dressed in 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s style. 

The highlight of the day for me was meeting Stefanie Braun, whose Fraubraun boutique fuses carefully edited vintage pieces with a photographic experience.  I’ve admired her website from afar for a long time, and with only a little coercion, she got me into a stunning 1950s ball gown and in front of the camera.  
Our magical day of people watching (the only time I’ve ever felt it wasn’t rude to point!), peering into vintage caravans and relaxing in the ‘dance hall’ was topped off by a ride on a lovely old ferris wheel.  We’re already planning outfits for next year’s festival!

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