Back to the Blitz, 1940s pleated dress and bag

To the sound of air raid sirens, I marched down the steps of Aldywch tube station with 50 other people, to the safety of the train platforms deep under London.  Once there, we were treated to a bit of am-dram on a 1938 tube train (my favourite year at the moment since I am writing a time-slip novel set partly then!), but I struggled to pay attention – there were too many marvellous things to look at (retro posters encased in lovely wooden frames; cute little louvres on the train to let in the air; gorgeous art deco detailing along the platform). 

For this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (well…I confess we kept forgetting we were in a disused tube station for the most part, since it looked like plenty of other tube stations we pass through every day!), I dressed up in a prim little 1940s woollen dress with pleated skirt, and completed the look with a lovely vintage leather bag and beret.

Apart from the actors, I was the most overdressed person on the platform, and the only one who went against the dress code to wear heels (I didn’t read the part about the 150 steps).  But as it was pointed out to me, even in war time it’s important that women make an effort to look good!

Found at: Dress –Vintage at Goodwood Festival; Bag – Cancer Research, Turnpike Lane.
Price: Dress – £40.00; Bag – £10.00.
Wearability factor: 4/5 (man that wool is itchy: you need plenty of demure undergarments underneath to avoid scratching all night).
Accessorise with: gas mask, thick woollen stocking, practical brown pumps.

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