Therapy in a book store

At a cafe in Waterstones book store in Piccadilly Circus, late afternoon.

Therapist/Friend: Your wife has a job and you don’t.  She’s a consultant and she can work anywhere, and you can’t.  You live in Leeds, which is parochial.  I don’t think it’s for me to tell you where to have your baby and live.  But I think that you have come here [to England], and you have to work with what you’ve got.  
Man: (Stares silently into his coffee)
Therapist/Friend: But that’s a separate question. You need to get a job.  And that takes hard work and application.  It’s like climbing a ladder.  It all goes round and round and round in your head.  And I think that confuses you.  Do you know what a merry go round is? 
Man: No
Therapist/Friend: It’s like at a fair, with a horse that you sit on and you go round and round.  And you need to get off.  I would just turn the switch off, and get off the merry go round.

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