What writers want: literary accoutrements

I recently set up a writing space in my bedroom.  With the best of intentions, I’ve failed to get it quite right.  There’s not enough leg space under the desk, the seat on my second (make that third) -hand office chair rattles when I lean over my keyboard, the glare from the window means I have to squint as I type, and a huge antique wardrobe looms over me, making me feel as though my every word is being scrutinised. 

The process of creating a little hub in a corner of my bedroom got me lusting after things that defined the space as a writer’s space, rather than just a poorly cobbled together collection of furniture in the corner of a bedroom.  If you’re doing up your space, here’s a few things I wish I had that you might want too…

1.  Everything listed on the marvellous Add to Books blog, but especially the integrated bookshelf/bookmark from ES Collection.

2. A strip of this fabulous book-ish wallpaper from Bouf.com

3. Some vintage Penguin, Puffin and Pelican paperbacks, sold for a song on ebay, with the covers framed and arranged on the wall in a literary vignette. 

Happy decorating!

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