Diary – May 5 2011 – Meeting a stranger

The day started slowly – I spent the morning at home going through bills and catching up on emails – but after lunch, I set out to King’s Cross to meet Corrina Gordon-Barnes, who runs a business consultancy with a difference called ‘You Inspire Me’

Like me, Corrina was a teacher once upon a time, but she’s now working with women planning a career change.  I’m always planning a career change.  I’ve been planning my career change for the past four years…clearly, I’m not making a lot of progress.  I discovered Corrina randomly when I was googling a few months ago, and was instantly drawn to her ‘Fear’ workshops – I know a lot about feeling too scared to follow your dreams!  I know even more about not being able to figure out what your dream is. 

Until today, Corrina and I had never met in person.  I was waiting near WHSmith at King’s Cross, meeting her train from Cambridge.  A woman was already standing in front of the shop, so I sneakily texted Corrina’s phone to see if the mystery woman was her.  Neither woman answered her phone, so I ruled her out.  She didn’t match the website photo of Corrina anyway, but sometimes those can be misleading.

Another girl bounced up to the mystery woman beside me.  They exchanged hugs and ‘hellos’ and ‘nice to meet yous’ and off they went round the corner.  Hmmm… I thought…that woman looks vaguely familiar.

Less than  a minute later, the two women came back around the corner, laughing hysterically.  The vaguely familiar woman was Corrina, who in her excitement had walked off with the wrong person.  Outside the station, they’d both started in opposite directions and realised they weren’t heading to the same place, so the mystery woman delivered Corrina quickly back to me!

We had an interesting day checking out The School of Life (whose programs I attended obsessively back in 2009) and Central Working (which I joined recently) as well as chatting generally about my idea to bring writers together (to write, of course!) and Corrina’s path to nurturing, inspiring business coach.  We also bonded over a shared love of YA (Young Adult) fiction. 

I went from nervousness at meeting someone new who was so successful (and someone who thought my idea for writers was cool when actually I’m panicking that no-one will come along!), to feeling relaxed and inspired.  It was one of those days that far surpassed my expectations.

One Response to “Diary – May 5 2011 – Meeting a stranger”
  1. Just spotted this post – that was such a funny first meeting! I still wonder how long she and I would have walked along, before we’d realised we were with the wrong person.

    And eternal gratitude for the YA recommendations – we’ve got Divergent to pick up from the library next…

    With love,

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