On the Overground through Hackney

Tall Girl and Short Girl sit down on either side of me on the overground train through Hackney.

Tall Girl (fiddling with Blackberry): Stu’s sent me a message.  So has Clare.  Should I tell ’em?

Short Girl: Yeah, tell ’em.

Tall Girl: What was i’ again?

Short Girl: Twelve mumfs suspen’ed sen’ence and sixty hours communi’y service.

Tall Girl (texting quickly): Ha!  ‘e says ‘e was ‘olding ‘is bref.

Short Girl: I gotta charge my phone.  Tell ‘im I’ll bb* ‘im later.

Tall Girl: Clare says … “so, she didn’t go to prison”.

Short Girl: Nah, I didn’t go to prison.

(*bb is short for bbm – blackberry messenger, the communication-mode-of-choice for London rioters)


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