Multiple boyfriends

Conversation between a very dapper man in his 50s, decked out in waistcoat and tashe, and an old acquaintance, female. Venue undisclosed.

Acquaintance: How’s Greg?

Dapper Man: Good.  Well, we’re married now.  He’s a lot younger than me, did you know? He’s 30.

Acquaintance: Wise choice.

Dapper Man: He’s good fun but he’s depressive.  He’s got a very boring job that he hates; he’s got lovely family but they’re overprotective.  We weren’t rich enough to have depression, we could only afford to be fed up.  His family mollycoddled him through it.

Acquaintance: What does he do?

Dapper Man: I don’t exactly know what he does.  He works in insurance.  He’s very badly paid.

Acquaintance: Does he go out a lot too?

Dapper Man: He doesn’t do galleries.  If we’re on holidays he’ll certainly enjoy going to see something.  But it’s not something that sits well; his family have never done it.  If you grow up with a family that does history and art then you see it as being pretty normal.

Acquaintance: Does he like the theatre?

Dapper Man: He does, but not all of it.

Acquaintance: Classical music?

Dapper Man: Not at all .  But it’s great because I told someone, I get to go with a boyfriend for culture, a boyfriend for [beep], I just need a third one for domestic chores now.


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