Community Reminiscence

I love old people.  Is it okay if I call them that?  Should I use the term elderly people?  Or pensioners? In class this week we were asked to come up with audience engagement strategies for the over 50s, who we were told were the ‘elderly’ market segment!  But I think of elderly people as … Continue reading

There’s one in every crowd: A Compendium of Crowds, from Know It Alls to Laggers

There’s one in every crowd. Yes, you know who I’m talking about: that person sitting off the second aisle, five rows from the front, who insists on asking a lengthy and involved question just as the audience’s energy is flagging.  We’re collectively shifting in our seats, imagining the cup of tea we’ll have when we get … Continue reading

Death, Dentists and the Devil: Open House Weekend

I’m always on the lookout for new spots in London to sit and write.  My criteria for a  ‘good writing space’ seems simple – free wifi, coffee, a chink of daylight, quiet-ish patrons and attractive surrounds – but oh, how difficult it is to track down such a place in a built-up city of more than 7 million!  Today, however, I … Continue reading