Vests and suspenders: fashion conversations

In honour of London Fashion Week, and in reverence of those who can navigate the intricacies of the fashion world with ease and aplomb, I present you with a snippet of conversation from one of literature’s most fashion-conscious men: Patrick Bateman. “Gentlemen.” I cough. “Ahem.  I hate to interrupt, but …” “Okay, okay, go on,” McDermott says.  … Continue reading

Back to the Blitz, 1940s pleated dress and bag

To the sound of air raid sirens, I marched down the steps of Aldywch tube station with 50 other people, to the safety of the train platforms deep under London.  Once there, we were treated to a bit of am-dram on a 1938 tube train (my favourite year at the moment since I am writing a … Continue reading

Vintage at Goodwood

Ohhh, what a fabulous Sunday at the Vintage at Goodwood festival! I channelled the 1940s and my friend Deb went for 1960s – and it felt like we were being photographed all day long!  The shoes (Kate Kuba), hat (Gap, but found in Cancer Research Crouch End for £3.00)) and cardi (charity shop £5.00) are … Continue reading