Back to the Blitz, 1940s pleated dress and bag

To the sound of air raid sirens, I marched down the steps of Aldywch tube station with 50 other people, to the safety of the train platforms deep under London.  Once there, we were treated to a bit of am-dram on a 1938 tube train (my favourite year at the moment since I am writing a … Continue reading

Vintage at Goodwood

Ohhh, what a fabulous Sunday at the Vintage at Goodwood festival! I channelled the 1940s and my friend Deb went for 1960s – and it felt like we were being photographed all day long!  The shoes (Kate Kuba), hat (Gap, but found in Cancer Research Crouch End for £3.00)) and cardi (charity shop £5.00) are … Continue reading

1940s Snakeskin wrist purse

This sweet and sassy little purse was another Vintage Acquistion from France. It’s so tiny that it holds only my lipgloss, keys, trusty ventolin inhaler, and oyster card…but that’s all a(n asthmatic) girl needs for a night out in London! In this instance, I collected my French VA in person – bracing myself against the … Continue reading