1939 Questionnaire: Class

Answer your own Mass Observation Questionnaire here: http://www.mocoproject.org.uk/answer-our-questionnaire The idea is to answer as honestly as possible, but in a blog where I’m not anonymous, I found it difficult!  I confess to editing my answers a few times after being surprised at how I sounded (a little arrogant, a little ignorant – eek!). I’ve tried to keep … Continue reading

19th Century French Iron, Brass & Wood Veneer Bed

My biggest vintage purchase yet, this one is courtesy of ebay and was shipped over from the continent at the weekend! Cast iron French beds have been fashionable for years, so I was originally looking for something a little different – an Art Deco bed that was completely wood veneer to be precise. But with … Continue reading

1950s ‘Brexton’ Picnic Set

Vintage Acquisition of the Day: 1950s picnic set, complete with asbestos lined thermos and original sugar cubes (plus a four-person set of side-plates, coffee cups and saucers, cutlery, tea-towel, food boxes, salt ‘n’ pepper shaker and glass storage jars). This one had my name written all over it – I just couldn’t resist (and a … Continue reading