Diary – May 5 2011 – Meeting a stranger

The day started slowly – I spent the morning at home going through bills and catching up on emails – but after lunch, I set out to King’s Cross to meet Corrina Gordon-Barnes, who runs a business consultancy with a difference called ‘You Inspire Me’.  Like me, Corrina was a teacher once upon a time, but she’s … Continue reading

What writers want: opportunities

Most people simply endure their lives.  They’re not happy with their jobs – and since on average they spend 5 of their 7 weekly days there, that’s a lot of unhappiness swilling around our world!  On the weekend, I joined the School of Life’s Sunday parishioners to hear creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson share  his observations on passion, talent and … Continue reading

Daring conversations with strangers – The School of Life

I asked a stranger how much debt he was in last night, before we’d even exchanged names. My friend was bolder, and launched into a discussion on adultery with a woman she’d never met.  I’m curious to know exactly what they spoke about: at the end of the evening, she was awarded a prize for her daring conversation skills (it … Continue reading