1940s ‘Roxanne’ Starlet Swimsuit

While England’s autumnal weather sent you scurrying for your hats and jackets, I was lounging by a pool on the other side of the world, in Far North Queensland, Australia! The sunny climate provided the perfect excuse to parade about in this gorgeous 1940s swimsuit. I’m not quite sure that I successfully channelled the 1940s … Continue reading

Vintage 1950s prom dress

I have a confession to make: in order to get my hands on this gorgeous dress, I committed a cardinal sin and broke my vow to never purchase items in ‘proper’ vintage shops. But I couldn’t resist its creamy sheen and gorgeous stitched detailing. So far, it’s had two outings: dinner at an Underground restaurant, … Continue reading

1950s ‘Brexton’ Picnic Set

Vintage Acquisition of the Day: 1950s picnic set, complete with asbestos lined thermos and original sugar cubes (plus a four-person set of side-plates, coffee cups and saucers, cutlery, tea-towel, food boxes, salt ‘n’ pepper shaker and glass storage jars). This one had my name written all over it – I just couldn’t resist (and a … Continue reading