Multiple boyfriends

Conversation between a very dapper man in his 50s, decked out in waistcoat and tashe, and an old acquaintance, female. Venue undisclosed. Acquaintance: How’s Greg? Dapper Man: Good.  Well, we’re married now.  He’s a lot younger than me, did you know? He’s 30. Acquaintance: Wise choice. Dapper Man: He’s good fun but he’s depressive.  He’s … Continue reading

London Road: a lesson from the little society

The speedy response of local communities to last week’s riots – sweeping streets together, sticking encouraging post-it notes on boarded up shops, offering time, money and goods to those who had lost everything – shows that almost all of us are community minded when the occasion calls for it.  My favourite image was one on … Continue reading

The National Theatre: The Power of Yes

Last night, I took male friend M to see David Hare’s play The Power of Yes.  The central figure in this ‘story’ is the playwright David Hare, who rather gratingly tells us that it’s not a play and he’s not a character.   And he is right in a way: it felt as though a Louis Theroux or Michael Moore … Continue reading