Back to the Blitz, 1940s pleated dress and bag

To the sound of air raid sirens, I marched down the steps of Aldywch tube station with 50 other people, to the safety of the train platforms deep under London.  Once there, we were treated to a bit of am-dram on a 1938 tube train (my favourite year at the moment since I am writing a … Continue reading

Two Aussie guys and a girl

Two inebriated guys and a girl overheard on a District Line tube Friday 20th August 2010, 9.30pm Boy 1: The next tattoo’s on this left bicep mate.  I got it planned out, you really wanna hear it? Right, Roman numerals. Boy 2: I’ll probably get a couple of bands. Boy 1: Listen… Boy 2: Right, the … Continue reading

A young besuited man giving advice to his older colleague on the tube

Overheard on the Metropolitan line from King’s Cross. ~ Thursday 19 August 2010, 7.00pm “I think it’s worthwhile mentioning to him. Don’t get me wrong I think you’ve got to bring it up with him….I think it’s unfair.  The thing is, right, Keith says we should bring it up, I mean between us… I think … Continue reading