High Value

40-ish man talking at a 40-ish woman in the Curzon Cinema bar. I have friends who come to me complaining about their life.  And I say to them ‘You can change your life in one minute.  All it takes is for you to say “Yes, I’m going forward”.  You can go from a Doctor to … Continue reading

Multiple boyfriends

Conversation between a very dapper man in his 50s, decked out in waistcoat and tashe, and an old acquaintance, female. Venue undisclosed. Acquaintance: How’s Greg? Dapper Man: Good.  Well, we’re married now.  He’s a lot younger than me, did you know? He’s 30. Acquaintance: Wise choice. Dapper Man: He’s good fun but he’s depressive.  He’s … Continue reading

On the Overground through Hackney

Tall Girl and Short Girl sit down on either side of me on the overground train through Hackney. Tall Girl (fiddling with Blackberry): Stu’s sent me a message.  So has Clare.  Should I tell ’em? Short Girl: Yeah, tell ’em. Tall Girl: What was i’ again? Short Girl: Twelve mumfs suspen’ed sen’ence and sixty hours … Continue reading