High Value

40-ish man talking at a 40-ish woman in the Curzon Cinema bar. I have friends who come to me complaining about their life.  And I say to them ‘You can change your life in one minute.  All it takes is for you to say “Yes, I’m going forward”.  You can go from a Doctor to … Continue reading

Community Reminiscence

I love old people.  Is it okay if I call them that?  Should I use the term elderly people?  Or pensioners? In class this week we were asked to come up with audience engagement strategies for the over 50s, who we were told were the ‘elderly’ market segment!  But I think of elderly people as … Continue reading

Multiple boyfriends

Conversation between a very dapper man in his 50s, decked out in waistcoat and tashe, and an old acquaintance, female. Venue undisclosed. Acquaintance: How’s Greg? Dapper Man: Good.  Well, we’re married now.  He’s a lot younger than me, did you know? He’s 30. Acquaintance: Wise choice. Dapper Man: He’s good fun but he’s depressive.  He’s … Continue reading